CHnet Pricing

Pricing, but not as you know it

CHnet liberates you from commitments and high pricing

Success-based pricing means you only pay when you receive a payment

No upfront costs
No contracts
No subscriptions
No hidden fees

Platform fee

1% per transaction

(minimum charge £1, $1, €1, 1 CHF)

Plus standard Stripe card and transfer fees

Example transaction

Payment £100
Our fee £1
Stripe fee £1.95
You receive £97.05

The price you set is the price charged

No hidden processing fees charged to your customers

Why no subscriptions?

How many accounts and subscriptions do you currently have, and why is it that each of them only does ONE thing? Why don't they link up with anything else you have, without needing expert help and paying for yet another subscription?

Does all this sound familiar? Here at CHnet we decided it doesn't have to be like this.

With CHnet you'll only ever pay for what you use, and you'll only use it if you like it.

Why no contracts?

Our tools speak for themselves. If you like them, you'll use them. If you appreciate our pricing, you'll use them. If you experience the great help and support we proudly provide, you'll use them.

It doesn't matter to us whether you use the tools just once, or once a year, or perhaps you have a steady daily payment flow. The deal between us is the same.

We pledge to provide a great user experience, great everyday tools that anyone can use, and to keep them freely available to all.

More about fees

Stripe fees in the example above include the card issuer fee and this varies from card to card.

This example also includes the additional 10p plus 0.25% retained by Stripe when transferring out to your bank account.

We do not add anything to these fees, you only pay what Stripe charge.

Please take note that Stripe also charge a £2 per month account-fee if your account is active in any given month, and this will be automatically deducted from the first transaction of the month.

Our platform fee is charged per transaction, which is considered as being 1 payment, 1 membership, 1 ticket, etc. So to be clear, this means that if a single payment is made for 10 tickets, the charges are still applied fairly as though those 10 tickets were purchased individually.

Free extras

Every user gets a set of automatic pages which include these FREE extras

Free events

No charge for tickets for free events

Contact Form

Set up and ready to go, straight to your inbox

Newsletter Signup

Pipes straight into your CRM and ready to receive your next newsletter

Create short links

Great for social media, link to any page anywhere with the short URL and QR code generator

Create media galleries

Simple and effective system for sharing photo albums and video galleries on your pages.

No plugins required. No configuration needed. No charge.

Zero maintenance & lower costs

With everything managed online by you, and with all the pages automatically provided by us and our Cloud systems, there's nothing for you or anyone else to maintain, ever.

We do all that for you, making sure that all our customers are getting the latest versions and the newest features, all at the same time.

So, this means we're also taking care of the server hosting of your pages, the security, and making sure that everything is upgraded when it should be.


Help & Training

We understand that you may feel more comfortable with some expert help or training from our team, especially to help you get started.

Who better to help, than the team behind the system?